Ancient Egypt CD download

Ancient Egypt CD download


Songs and stories that teach about Ancient Egypt.

A fascinating topic, Pyramids, mummies, King Tut, Hieroglyphics, Cleopatra, Pharoah, cats, Nefertiti, Ramses, Egyptian gods, Ra and much more. Come open this 'Gift of the Nile'!

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Come explore the world of Ancient Egypt with this CD. Fascinating songs and poems about a fascinating topic. All songs and poems by Mr. I and Gary Huntbatch. Thanks to the Rainbow Singers: Jessica and Sabina Breuer, Danielle and Cameron Wilson, Jamie and Kylie and new Rainbow Singer Johnny Williams. Another hug goes to the children from Silverdale Elementary for singing on THE SONG OF THE GODS: Frankie Gibson, Curtis Broom, Katarina Kamagianis, James McDonald and Sarah Valet. This Cd was inspired by Anise Abdulla and the children at Sunnygate Montessori.

Songbook with guitar chords is also available.


1) E is FOR EGYPT (Anise Abdulla) A simple poem by Anise using each letter of the word Egypt.

2) GIFT OF THE NILE (Mr. I) The mighty Nile, the longest river in the world. She sustained Egypt in Ancient times and still does today.

3) LET'S MAKE A MUMMY (Mr. I) OOK! Sorry Gary, please don't get too queasy!

4) OLD KINGDOM NARRATION - A bit of information on the Old Kingdom.

5) LOOK AT MY PYRAMID (Mr. I) Simple poem recited by new Rainbow Singer Johnny Williams.

6) ANCIENT THEBES - A new song about Ancient Thebes, the Valley of the Kings & Queens. This is now called Luxor.

7) MIDDLE KINGDOM NARRATION - A very creative time, the Middle Kingdom.

8) HIEROGLYPHICS (Mr. I) Lovely song about hieroglyphics and their uses.

9) LOOK WHAT CAME FROM EGYPT (Mr. I) This song describes many things that we use today that were invented, or developed in Ancient Egypt.

10) SONG OF THE GODS (Mr. I) To honour nature and the after life the Ancient Egyptians invented many gods. This song mentions some of them.

11) NEW KINGDOM NARRATION - The final years of Ancient Egypt

12) STRUT KING TUT (Anise Abdulla) Great idea Miss Anise. We drew the Nile River on the floor with tape and went 'strutting' down the Nile. We had lots of fun with this one.

13) CLEOPATRA - A song about the last of the Pharoahs.

14) EGYPTIAN CATS (Gary Huntbatch) Okay, Gary, great song about the importance of Cats in Ancient Egypt. MEOW!

15) ANCIENT EGYPT (Mr. I) Mentions Jean Champollion. He was the first to decipher the Rosetta Stone. His work led us to the knowledge we have today of ancient Egyptian times.

16) GIFT OF THE NILE 'Reprise' (Mr. I) A reprise of the first tune. It's been quite a trip. Hope you enjoy the CD.

17) BUILDING A PYRAMID (Gary Huntbatch) Gary goes back in time and witnesses the building of the first pyramid. Only they are building it in an unexpected way!

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