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Keynote CD. First CD with Mr. I & the Rainbow Singers. Songs of Peace, unity, everyone in the world is a part of one big family. Multi-cultural, Danceable and Fun!

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  1. Happy Day Day - A cheerful song to make you smile.

  2. Building A Better World - We decide on the type of world we want to live in. We have a choice. Take care of the earth, take care of each other, and take care of ourselves.
  3. Hello Bonjour Buenos Dias - Teaches 'HELLO' in nine different languages.
  4. Canada Rap - Learn the provinces and territories of Canada. Yes, it includes Nunavut!
  5. To This Land - Such a fun song. Lots of different kids have solos here. The song reminds us that when times are tough we can still keep a sense of humour.
  6. This Land Is Your Land - Thank you, Woody Guthrie for this song. It reminds us that the earth belongs to us all.
  7. Moli Hua - A beautiful folk song sung in Chinese. Valerie, you do such a glorious job on the solo, thank you for your fine work.
  8. Ka-e-ru-no-u-ta - Thank you, Ryoko for this song. Your daughter Lauren sings it so well. Song of the frog in Japanese (ribet)
  9. Haruga Kita - A popular Japanese folk song sung in both English and Japanese. The surfing music background adds an interesting touch. TEd, you have such crazy ideas!
  10. Let's Be Friends - Barney, here is your new opening song! This one is from the Pied Piper musical. It's one of my favourites and yet it only took about five minutes to write.
  11. This Little Cow - A funny fingerplay for the young ones. Do cows really snore when they sleep?
  12. Three Little Pigs - Mr. I's version of how the story really goes. Watch out for the Big Bad Boogie Wolf!
  13. Continent Twist - Am I trying to teach the names of the continents here? Or do I just want to Rock and Roll?  You'll have to get up and dance to this one.
  14. Bubblegum In A Dish - A little playground rhyme I collected in the early eighties when I researched playground culture in elementary schools in Vancouver. Thanks to the Mission gang for their work on this.
  15. Bubblegum Mum - Okay, I get silly here. But gee, I need to be silly sometimes. Sorry moms.
  16. Es War Eine Mutter - Cute German folk song. 'There Once Was a Mother'. Her children are named: Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter.  The Fiedler children, Max, Bianca and Felix get to show off their German here.
  17. Edelweiss - Sung with a flair for family. Max, Bianca and Felix are heard once more. Thank you Ken for the beautiful cello solo.
  18. Angel In Disguise - Written by Elaine, the special angel in my life. I love you. Thank you for this song. And remember, we are all each other's angels.
  19. Following the Piper - Yes, here's your chance to dance again. The Irish jig, 'Swallowtail' with a few lyrics added. We used a version of this in the Pied Piper play put on by Theatrix.
  20. The Child and The Rat -Okay, so I like the mushy stuff too. Also from the Pied Piper, this one teaches us to look for what we have in common, look within.
  21. The Universe Song - Number 21!, my goodness! When will it end. Yes, this is the last song. Nothing else  to be said. We are all important. Everything we do is important. No need to judge. There is no good or bad. We all belong.

Produced by TED TOSOFF and Yurgen Ilaender.

Engineered and mixed by TED TOSOFF.

Recorded and mixed at MagicLab Recording Studio, Surrey B.C. (604) 543-7855. A special thank you to Tom Carter and Daryl Hok.

Mastered by Craig Waddell at Gotham City Studios.

Photography by Jay Shaw. Coquitlam, B.C.


Drums & Percussiion: Phil Robertson

Bass Guitar: Lawrence Knight

Piano, Accordion and Keyboards: Tom Carter

Acoustic and Electric Guitars: Yurgen Ilaender

Extra Electric Guitar Work by: Tony Prophet

Flute, Sax and Recorder: Yurgen Ilaender

Cello: Ken Nachtigal

Harmony Vocals: Janice Halpenny and Gary Huntbatch


Lead Vocals: Mr. I

Frogs and Birds by Mother Nature (Thank you Erik for your frog!)


Sarah Gillies, Brianne Higo, Valerie Song, Thomas Lamont, Megan Alaggia, Taylore Penman, Alisa Hanson, Allison Johnson, Linnea Holm, Tasia Shaw, Elisa Holm, Sydney Jang, Tyler Murray, Jordan Bloom, Karli-Ann Murray, Jacklyn Dang, Felix Fiedler, Bianca Fiedler, Maximillian Fiedler, Jenna Wilson, Justine Burlo, Chloe Burlo, Olivia Rempel, Lauren MacColl, Nicola Crema, Brandon Crema, Sarah Mjanes, Maxine Tomoto, Shane Julian King, Soleina Maherali, Jamie Lou McKeen, Alisa Haugen-Strand, Kaela Large, Kieran Large, Charissa Halpenny, Josh Halpenny, Alisha Ilaender, Megan Power, Sean Ilaender, Charissa Fehr, Kristian DiGuistini, Nicholas DiGuistini, Joseph DiGuistini, Erik DiGuistini and Sam Dodd.



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